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Priti Jaspal

I have always loved the piano and it was an instrument I always wished I could play. Four months ago I finally decided to do something about it and got in touch with Thames Valley Piano School.

From the moment I had my trial I knew I wanted to learn and I’m so glad I made the call.

Matej is a great teacher. Full of enthusiasm, very encouraging (and patient) and he has definitely helped my confidence grow.

I am now working towards my Grade 1 exam which I will be taking in a few short months.

I love my weekly lessons with Matej he really is a great teacher!

Ben Gale

I am an adult, completely new to the piano and have been having lessons with Matt for about 2 months now. For anyone considering taking up the piano as an adult, but are not sure if it is right for them or if they will be able to fit it around a very busy schedule, please let me assure you that it is well worth making that first appointment. You will never look back.

Matt is very understanding of the pressures that full time jobs can bring, does not insist on rigid term time arrangements and will provide flexibility to you as needed. Whilst all important points for a busy professional adult, what is far more important is how wonderful the whole experience is.

Matt is a wonderful teacher, whose enthusiasm for teaching is clear from the moment you first meet him. He is very patient and seems to take great delights in your achievements however small. He is a very personable man and I can honestly say that I look forward to my lesson with him every week. Those people who may be worried about being embarrassed need not worry. You are made to feel very at ease.

In meeting Matt and by taking the plunge I have found a new hobby and a new way to relax from the pressures of modern day life. I may never be amazing on the piano, but I am pleased with my progress, enjoy (nearly) every minute spent at the piano and love my time that I spend with Matt who, incidentally, is a truly wonderful pianist.

So, to those reading this review, I commend you all to give it a go! I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Oxford Road Pharmacy

I would strongly recommend Matt. He is very friendly, enthusiastic,patient, and a understanding teacher. Matt made our daughter at ease just after few minutes of meeting her.
In addition Matt is capable of presenting things from a number of perspectives to make lessons eventful and entertaining.

Nibaa is practicing daily looking forward to her piano lessons. She is progressing really well and has been inspired to do well.

Great lessons at an affordable price in a relaxing atmosphere.

Jun Yao

Our 7 years old boy started to learn piano last September, after discovered his interests and ability in playing piano. We decided to find a private piano teacher for him. Matt started to teach our boy at the end of March, when my boy could only play the most basic tunes. 3 months after, our boy won 2nd prize of his age group in Windsor piano festival. By beginning of July, our boy started to preparing for Grade 2 exam.

We have to say Matt has extensive experience in teaching kids, and he is extremely patient.
We recommended Matt to all our friends who want their child to learn piano.

The piano school also organised twice piano contest in the studio, which I found all the students were so well played. I am impressed by the teaching standard and highly recommend to everyone who want excel in piano.


“I have a very demanding job and wasn’t sure if I’d have time to learn, but I wanted to stop myself turning into a couch potato when I got home from work, exhausted. Matej said if I could do 20 minutes fairly regularly I should make progress, so I got into the habit of doing this as soon as I walked in the door if I was going home. I found very quickly that even after 10 minutes I felt completely energised, which was totally unexpected. Sometimes I find myself practising for much longer, and have no idea where the time went. I’m not sure if I’m going to go for grades or not as I’m enjoying the simplified classical and jazz pieces I’m learning anyway, and Matej is happy to leave it up to me to decide what I want to get out of it.”


“Some life-changing events left me a bit lost, needing something to keep me going. I’d played a musical instrument until I was 14, and decided to give the piano a go as there was an old one in the house. I don’t pick things up as quickly as when I was younger, which was frustrating at first, but I’ve been learning for a year, and I find it really enjoyable. Matej is very patient and I am more confident now . When I told other people what I was doing I couldn’t believe how many of them said “Oh, I used to play the piano years ago but I had to give it up because…..” so I hope some of them might follow my example as I have surprised myself by where I’ve got to, and they could do the same.”


“I always wanted to learn piano but due to various factors I was unable to. I eventually started to attend Matej’s classes and I’ve enjoyed every single one. He has been very friendly and enthusiastic when it came to me learning piano, and with his lessons I feel that I have progressed rapidly and that I can continue to do so with his guidance. I hope to reach Grade 8 and with Matej’s classes I am sure that I can achieve this with him as my teacher.”


“After a lifetime at the beck and call of family I decided it was “me time” and have never looked back! Learning the piano has given me back my identity, and has become a talking-point amongst friends and family. What I want to do eventually is get people singing round the piano for a fun evening – just simple, well-known songs and carols. Matej has been very encouraging and I already have a couple of pieces for my ’repertoire”

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