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Piano School Adult Learners and Re-starters

We need to protect our students against malicious harassment, and so are unable to identify them. However, if you wish to speak to anyone in particular, we will be able to put you in touch.

Adults of all ages find learning to play the piano rewarding, satisfying and fun, but they learn in a very different way from children – and their motivation is different, too.

We will discuss your needs and hopes with you at the outset, and then put together an individual lesson plan, which can always be adapted as we go along. Sometimes a young adult is fulfilling a long-held ambition.

Learning the piano is a challenge, but it has been proven to help older adults remain mentally active, and it can be very uplifting during difficult times.

And busy professionals find that the effort needed to keep hands and eyes coordinated whilst listening with a critical ear, completely clears the mind of other worries and concerns, and alleviates stress.

Actor Jeremy Irons enjoys learning experience with MatejActor Jeremy Irons enjoys learning experience with Matej

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